Thursday, November 01, 2007

New Job

I got a new job and I think it is BAD ASS!!!! I started training Monday with Brown Paper Tickets. Since training was during the day, I took the bus....public transportation. Let me go ahead and do my part in helping the environment and at the same time work on knitted Christmas gifts.

I was very eager to start and left my house very early while it was still dark. During my transfer in downtown Seattle, I stopped by Starbuck's for my Venti Caramel Machiatto with Extra Caramel....YUM and can you feel the calories. Since I was STILL early, I putt-putted around Border's to look at knitting books. (Like I need more knitting books) Coffee in hand, hustle and bustle of business people and bums alike all around me, going out to catch my next bus...I felt like a true Seattlite. (Hi Ms. V - big happy wave to you). My morning went smoothly, training went well, and who would have thunk that there would be a Thai Truck down the street....Oh My God, Chicken Phad Thai on the the go!!!! I can feel my butt expanding already.

Evening on the other hand was not as smooth. Still not used to the whole bus schedule thing, I ended up waiting 30 mins for my bus to downtown (Seattle is cold in the evening) , I thought I missed the connecting bus so I called my lovely hubby to have him pick me up downtown on 3rd & Pike. By this time of the evening the REAL freaks start to emerge. As I'm talking to him my bus approaches. I quickly say "pick me up at the Park & Ride." So, I should let you know that I do not have a cell phone and I used the public phone...eeewww, gross!!!! I ended being away from the house for 12 hours for the day. UUUGGGGHHH!!!! I felt very fulfilled but VERY tired.

Brown Paper Tickets is an awesome company to work for. If I'm gonna have to work, I might as well have fun doing it and do it for a great company. These guys are so relaxed and so very cool. Apparently you can surf the internet, blog(which I am doing now) and KNIT if it is slow enough.

BTW, during my week of training, I have finished enough of a pair of after-thought socks that I can feel ok about starting another project. YAY!!!!!

Since it is the beginning of November, it is NaBloPoMo!!!! A blog a day for the month of least i can blog at work. Don't expect long posts like this...I don't think I have that in me.

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emicat said...

Yeah! I'm so glad to hear it's going well. You'll fit in just with the after dark freaks hahhaha just kidding :) Hope to see ya at knit night next week to hear more about your new job.