Thursday, July 27, 2006

Blogging ReVisited

Yeah, yeah, yeah....I've been informed (a couple times) that I haven't posted anything in and LONG time. The thing is...I just don't know what to write about. Most of the time I feel my life really is uninteresting...besides the family drama and such and who REALLY wants to hear about that.

Well, something really great happened recently...I started a whole new hobby. Like I don't have enough going on with my knitting, World of Warcraft and 3 small children...I get a spinning wheel. Now, I can spin my own yarn for my knitting...scary, huh?

You know, I look at the hobby's I have and consiously feel what it does to my body, mainly my wrists and fingers, and think "Get as much done as you can because eventually arthritis is going to creep up." I appreciate my husband for putting up with all my quirky hobby's and wants. He just goes with it and is fine with it. He loves me so much and wants me to be happy. Being a stay-at-home mom really is not all fun and games.