Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Oregon Flock and Fleece Festival

So this event was very overwhelming. I came in with a list of stuff I wanted to look at and possibly buy but there just wasn't enough time for me to make any kind of real decisions. So I came away from OFFF with a little bit of different lace weight yarn, a silk cap to spin (and that's not all that easy as wool) and some fleece. Pic will come soon.

Check out the sheep that my fleece came from. Her name is Poppy and is 1/2 Rambouillet, 1/4 merino, and 1/4 finn, sorta....sort of a Heinz 57 mix but its my first full fleece so I'm proud of her.

Thank you Eagle's Find Farm!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Big Bummer but........

So there is no way I'm going to get my sleeves done by OFFF. I am pretty bummed out but there just isn't enough time in the day with kids to get things done in a timely manner. I haven't even finished the chart yet and I've been working on it and ONLY it for the last 4 days. GRRRRRRRR!!!!! Whatever, I have a feeling it will get done this weekend either way but now that I have come to term with it not being done by OFFF, the stress is a bit relieved.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Elizabeth Bennett

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Rogue Hood and the deadline approaching...4 days and counting

You guys must feel all kinds of special...3 blog posts in a week...and I think I might have a couple more coming, hopefully, when I'm done with my hoodie. Friday night I had this much done:
and now:
I still have to graft the very top of the hood but I'm gonna need some help with that so I will bring it to knitting tomorrow night and have the Knitting Nazi's whip me into shape. So I have it blocking and I'm going to work on the sleeves relentlessly until they are done, hopefully, by Wednesday for my Knotty Knitter's night in case I need help with that. OFFF, my deadline, is approaching quickly.

Last night I was working on my hood until around 2am and I just couldn't stay awake. Went to bed and tossed and turned for a few hours and got back out of bed at about 4:30am and knitted until daylight. My mind wouldn't relax. I knew I was just a couple rows away from finishing the hood and it was buggin' me. Plus my mind was racing about OFFF and having some of my knitting friends ride down with me. We all have our own agenda's, I know I have mine, but I just want to make sure everyone has fun and I don't offend or piss off anyone. Really, I know I worry too much but I can't help it. My knitting buddies are all nice quirky people and I'm excited to spend some time with them outside of just knitting night and Seattle.

What to pack, what do i want to look at or buy, where do we want to eat????...AAAHHHH!!!!! I know I want to get spinning fiber, a Woolee Winder (for sure), and tons of yarn-age. One of the Knitting Nazi's is talking about maybe getting another spinning wheel which doesn't sound like a bad idea. I'm so excited to see what I can see, hang with good people, and be out of town without the tribe o'children.

BTW, do you like my zebra pajama bottoms?

Friday, September 15, 2006

Rogue & future lace project

Well, there ya go. Current pic of Rogue-in-progress. I have been frantically knitting my finger tips off...OFFF, I say!!!!!! Even after I had to rip 36 rows of the hood and was mad at it for a minute. EVEN after I found out that my close knitting friends were betting that I wouldn't finish it. Talk about motivation to prove them wrong.

Well, I have already cast on for the sleeves (both at the same time). I have a week to finish it but would like to have it done sooner.

This is SOOO taking away from my WoW gaming time. Deadline suck!!!!!!!!

On another knitting note-----Check this beauty out:
posted on Dave's blog. I have ordered the pattern and will be searching out yarn-age at OFFF.

As much as me and lace don't get along as of yet, I think I am going to attempt this shawl with some fingering or maybe even sport with maybe a carry-through of some metallic. OOoooh...the picture in my head is fabulous.

Rogue progess

Here's is my Rogue-in-progress. I've actually gotten alot of the hood done but i just haven't taken a picture of it as of yet. I have been knitting like mad trying to get it done before my OFFF trip next weekend. I plan on wearing it as much as possible.

In the pic is my pocket attached...now that I look at it its not a very good pic for to see the cabling. I promise I will post another with the hood in progress and better cable views.