Monday, August 14, 2006


So I finally reached level 39 in World of more level to get my horse so I can ride around the computerized world instead of walking around. How strange is that...riding around instead of walking because you are too lazy to move your mouse around...huh? Oh, and what, no one in my guild was on for me to boast about my sad. So I tell the world....DING!!!

So my previous sweater Eris that I started has been recycled into just yarn in hopes to go into a different project maybe a scarf or shawl...YaY Chrismas presents. My newest project being its older sibling Rogue supposedly insprired by Rogue from X-Men. I have been working on this project and this project only....all other projects are on the back-burner until this is finished. I will dig out my digi camera and post a pic of my progress in the next couple days.

I ran across this Knit Along that actually sounded fun... The International Scarf Exchange. Take a look and see what you think. A scarf really doesn't take very long and to send something to someone internationally sounds fun.