Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Penis Sock......huh? :-|

Here's a pic of my Rockin' Sock Club socks, why does it have to look like a penis? It stretches nicely and fits my hubby. I'm off to a slow start since I have received my second package and have just started the first one. Luckily, I am knitting both at the same time so my darling hubby can have a whole pair when I am done. I tried knitting socks on our LONG drive from Seattle to Vegas but trying to get through a whole pair in the car is hard when the mentality is to just go to sleep during a long drive. And, of course, you can't REALLY knit while you drive since that would be the only time I would be awake.

Thank you Alachia for you're awesome podcast to keep me awake and laughing during my drive. <<I don't know is at the blacksmith!!!>> And, Oh My God, I had to get a Webkinz right away. YAY froggie!!!! This post is for you...maybe now you can learn how to purl.


wowcast said...

sheesh. socks seem so advanced!

I picked up knitting again after two weeks of not knitting and realized I couldn't remember how to do it right. After about an hour of analyzing myself I realized I was trying to knit backwards!

lol. anyhow, I'm on track again!

Liberty's Yarn said...

You've been tagged. Rules on my blog.