Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Etsy Shop!!!

Hello, my name is JCKnitnstuff and I have a fiber addiction. <>

To pay for my addiction, I have started an Etsy shop. It is currently empty but stay tuned for hand dyed roving, yarn and other crafty goodness. You can check me out at jcknitnstuff.etsy.com and I will blog about my grand opening.


Liberty's Yarn said...

Hey girl - your etsy link is busted...add a http:// in front of it. =) I can't wait to see.

wowcast said...

hey jojo! guess what!? I completed my first scarf this weekend! I couldn't believe it. but now I don't know how to end it.

Do you have any good links about how to end a scarf?

I guess I could just leave the needle in the scarf but I think that look is out! hehehehe.

J. C. KnitNStuff said...

Gratz Alachia!!!! You have dinged to the next level. I wonder if I get the credit for "recruiting" you to the pyramid scheme of knitting. hehehehe