Friday, September 15, 2006

Rogue & future lace project

Well, there ya go. Current pic of Rogue-in-progress. I have been frantically knitting my finger tips off...OFFF, I say!!!!!! Even after I had to rip 36 rows of the hood and was mad at it for a minute. EVEN after I found out that my close knitting friends were betting that I wouldn't finish it. Talk about motivation to prove them wrong.

Well, I have already cast on for the sleeves (both at the same time). I have a week to finish it but would like to have it done sooner.

This is SOOO taking away from my WoW gaming time. Deadline suck!!!!!!!!

On another knitting note-----Check this beauty out:
posted on Dave's blog. I have ordered the pattern and will be searching out yarn-age at OFFF.

As much as me and lace don't get along as of yet, I think I am going to attempt this shawl with some fingering or maybe even sport with maybe a carry-through of some metallic. OOoooh...the picture in my head is fabulous.


Liberty's Yarn said...

OMG, 2 posts this week. :-)

Rogue is looking beautiful, and I know you will have it done in time. Hell, it is probably already done.

Natalie from k2tog said...

MMMkay, Joann, I am really a supporter of the lace project. In fact, I may request a KAL on this one-- it's a gorgeous pattern.