Thursday, July 05, 2007

I love you Mommy Dearest!!!

I have been outed. My family and I went to a July 4th BBQ at a friends house. The neighbor every year have a HUGE fireworks display. I can't even remember what my daughter was asking me for but the timing was just right for when I respond with "How do you ask?" I want my children to be polite and have good manners....please....thank that too much to ask for? What does my daughter respond with? "Please mommy dearest?" Like I said the timing was just right...right between the fireworks and EVERYONE around me heard her. Granted, I don't beat my kids with wire hangers...I just won't respond without the right response. It was so funny. Sometimes I think my kids are seals and I need to train them. Sometimes, I just don't realize what sticks.

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