Sunday, February 26, 2006

Knitting failure at gold

I really thought that My First Sock that I was working on diligently and loyaly on was turning out beautifully....until I got toward the end. Still working on it in hopes that somehow it was going to turn out. NOT!!!! Tell me....does this look like a sock.

Instead of finishing it...I decided to take a picture for the world to see and recycle the beautiful yarn called Socks that Rock. Talk about a big bummer.


Angela said...

OH MY!!! I think you were supposed to stop decreasing somewhere!!! :P It looks like you are decreasing twice on each side, but it's hard to tell for sure...bring it wednesday and we will get it figured out!!! On the bright side, it looks like you are pretty dang close to doing it right :)

Angela said...

Did you know you haven't posted anything since February?! Just thought I would mention it :P