Friday, August 19, 2005

My poor husband

So I got my Eris yarn late afternoon and then I was on a mission to start my swatches. I was not going to be until I actually started Eris.

After my DH gets home, he's in the kitchen and says to me "You know, sometimes I get irritated when you don't do stuff around the house but then I come home and wonder HOW can you do stuff around the house in the day time?" while the 2 out of 3 little kids are running circles around him while he's trying to fix his plate of food. ***Please take a moment to picture this*** So by now he is sitting down trying to eat while the girls try to eat off of his plate. I am sitting concentrating on measuring my swatches. He asks if I need a break and to go to the room if I did. Little does he know that while working on certain knitting I can choose to totally ignore everything around me. I can visit if I want or I can concentrate so hard that I hear absolutely nothing (i.e. kids screaming). I love knitting for that reason.

Another thing about my DH, and probably every other person that doesn't knit, is how obsessed you can get in a project that when you say "Just one more row" it really means "I won't be in bed til 3 or 4am so don't wait up." :-Þ

I think today I will try to do some housework. If I tackle some really big stuff it'll look like I did a whole bunch and he'll think I've been cleaning all day.

OH!?!?! But wait a minute, I just started do I prioritize my day?

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